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Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle Video Controversy


by Dr. Colette M. Dowell

September, 1996


 On August 11th, 1996 a crop circle formation known as ‘Oliver’s Castle’ and featuring hexagonal geometry in its pattern was supposedly videoed while it was forming in the field at 5:00 a.m. by John Wheyleigh; a young man whose was camping out on a near-by hill. Wheyleigh claimed he captured on video, two white spheres of light spiraling over the pattern while it was forming in the field.


Oliver's Castle Photo Courtesy and Copyright 1996 Steve Alexander


        Wheyleigh’s video segment of ‘Oliver’s Castle’ was a hit at the Barge Inn --the infamous pub where Croppies hang out. Croppies were groping about while their minds and psyche dabbled in inquiry. Was this actual footage of spheres of light responsible for the crop circle forming? Was the footage genuine?  If it were real, why were the lights allowing the video camera to film them? And if so, does this mean that Croppies have graduated to another level of communication with the Circle Makers? If the video proved to be ‘hoaxed,’ the who and why now takes precedence over the possible esoteric communication.


Colin Andrews swiftly coveted the tape and reported on the Internet

 that he had been asked by Wheyleigh to --

execute detailed analysis of the film and to handle

 world wide media interest in the footage....” 


        This only created more sensationalism and Colin saw fit to deem it as authentic. Colin does this with anything and everything related to crop circles –so one needs caution whenever reading or viewing any of his research; as his lack of discernment and investigation provokes astonishing tales that are too wild and unrealistic. Colin justifies his stories as rational and truthful because he considers himself, ‘The World’s Leading Crop Circle Expert’ --NO ONE IS AN EXPERT.) Colin further stated that several major inquiries including the British Military, (who might have been present at Oliver’s Castle) were now commencing. Colin also made it clear that until detailed analysis of the footage was complete, the video would not be available; therefore, the first ‘classified’ conclusions of the tape would be released through CPRI. (clearly sanctified as an artifact of rarest value and good grief, he makes it out like it is some high official military government big boy agenda deal that only the few golden boys such as his self are only allowed to possess; yuck Colin...really noble of you)However, Colin impressed the fact, The whole filmed sequence is just a few seconds long and shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever! Colin pushes the footage as authentic, yet covers himself in the event that maybe eventually it would turn out to be hoaxed. Cool, clever, cautious Colin again --for Pete’s sake……or Wheyleigh’s.


Copies of the video found their way into the hands of Paul Vigay and Peter Sorensen; two individuals

I collaborate with that are competent in computer-video imaging and technical skills.


Peter exclaims, It’s a fraud!


and Paul states,

I’ve been analyzing this video quite a lot and it is undoubtedly a hoax!


Paul’s reasoning for the hoax theory came from a technical computer point of view

(missing frames) and from observing as he states,

The camera angle seems to predict the shape of the formation

 BEFORE it appears.”


        Paul was also able to reconstruct the videoed sequence of Oliver’s Castle by means of a computer paintbrush program within three hours.


        Peter explained how video film has two fields of lines sequenced a fraction of a second apart. The two fields are recognizable because each field corresponds to a designated ‘line.’ One field’s lines are characterized from ‘odd’ numbers and the other field from ‘even’ numbers. One video frame consists of these two fields of lines; thus, creating in affect, actually two images contained within the frame. This is known as double image and this is what causes jitter on the screen.


        If you overlay a second sequence of film-computer images etc., on top of the original video film footage, the edited frames read out as single images, not double. Peter found the spheres of light on the video to be of single imaging not double.


        Wheyleigh kept a low profile and was hard to set appointments with. Wheyleigh did however make contact by way of a mysterious phone-answering device, which was not his home phone number. After Peter and Paul announced their findings, Mr. Wheyleigh was not to be heard from.


        Some individuals feel that the Oliver’s Castle footage is genuine and other’s feel it to be fraud. I myself have not seen the video. I do understand the technical differences between ‘tampered’ film and original footage, so if significant computer-video imaging data revealed Oliver’s Castle footage botched, well then I would tend to technically agree that the video was hoaxed.


‘Unclassified’ copies of the Oliver’s Castle formation can be obtained through:

Ilys c/o CCCS Network

P.O.Box 900

Tenino, WA,  98589, USA

[NOTE: This name and address is outdated - CMD 2006]





INQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW: John Whaley (Wheyleigh/Wabe) and the Oliver's Castle

Video Hoax Exposed -- By Lee Winterson, October 1997, United Kingdom


THE CASE OF THE VANISHING CAMERAMAN: Hammering the final nail into the coffin of the Oliver's Castle video -- A First-Hand Report by Peter R. Sørensen (Originally written in the spring of 1997 – revised in March 1999.) © 1997 Peter R. Sørensen




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