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        Dr. John Syrigos is a computer and electrical engineer with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is a businessman and university lecturer and has spent more than 20 years practicing in information technology and studying artificial intelligence. However, his interest in spirituality took him through many different paths where he has been searching for answers to humanity’s deepest questions, such as where we come from, why we are here and where do we go.

        This search took him on a 20-year journey through multiple different organizations and societies through which he gained personal experience of spiritual topics such as out-of-body experiences, meditation, and awareness. He has taught thousands of people through experience – publicly and privately, has written articles in numerous magazines and has been featured on more than 70 major TV shows in Greece and Cyprus. John believes that the search for the truth is a dynamic process without an end, during which one gathers ‘nuggets’ of knowledge and in the process becomes wiser, being careful not to get trapped in dogma along the way.

        Exploring deeper into the questions of life from multiple different angles and by gaining practical experience through spiritual practice, he always felt that he was missing a key element, one that is well hidden and well masked. This led him in the direction of searching into the beginnings of humanity and founding the website ‘Ancient Origins’, since the beginning is always where the answers lie. John believes that as long as humanity lacks an understanding of their origin, they will never know in which direction to go and will be condemned to repeat aimlessly the same mistakes again and again, as history shows us.

        With his adventurous and enquiring mind, combined with the use of spiritual techniques, and intensive research into world mythologies and religions, John believes that he is getting closer to those vital answers that have been kept hidden from humanity for millennia – answers that could give an entirely new perspective on life, throw light on the shadows of the past, and point the way towards a limitless future.  

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