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How IN Significant I Am


        Picture the Heavens displaying a brilliance of stars. There is no moon. Here at this high altitude stars appear as white hot quarters and dimes. Others are faint glimmers of sand. Some are reddish, some are a shade of blue, and some are simply white hot. The sharp point of a mountain pokes its way into this speckled brilliant field. At the very peak stands a shadow, a shadow of a solitary man.


        Slowly the man raises his head and gazes at the panorama around him.

 “How insignificant I am compared to all of this wonder,” he surmises. “This is the Mighty Universe, it stretches to infinity. It has secrets. I can only guess what these are.


        Where did you come from lovely Universe, where are you going? Mighty Universe, you are expanded beyond imagination, you are shriveled beneath my feet to tiny oblivion. I am so small and insignificant within you.” 


         Something is gnawing within my mind, something hidden, something nagging. “What is it?” Suspicions are growing within me.


        Star above, I know something about you, in fact I know a lot about you. I know how far away you are, I know how big you are, I know when you were born, I know what you are made of, I know when you are going to die, I know how you will die. There is much about you that I do not know. Do you have planets? Do you warm them and make a place for life?


        Excuse me star. As great as you are above my head there is a magnificence beneath my feet just as marvelous and mysterious as you. The very tiniest entities are here. I cannot see them but I know a lot about them. I know how they are made, I know how they built and how they interact with each other. They even interact with you. I know their brethren are what has built you. You, oh twinkling star, are made of the smallest of the tiny.



I, a man, am part of humanity, humanity that has studied and dissected you,


I, a man, am part of humanity, humanity that is beginning to understand you,


I, a man, am part of humanity, a part of humanity that shares discoveries about you with other parts,


I, a man, am part of humanity, the most significant entity in the universe.



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